Today our online efforts, along with events such as “Pawject Runway,” and the sale of posters, calendars and other Soft Side merchandise, have enabled us to not only raise funds and increase adoptions for BARCS, Baltimore’s largest open admission shelter, but also increase awareness for shelters and rescues around the country and the world. In any given week, we may hear from a shelter in Arizona or a rescue in Brazil asking for help in promoting efforts on behalf of their four-legged clients. Having built an audience that now extends far beyond Baltimore, we are committed to using the campaign and its reach to impact real change in the lives of animals everywhere. For that reason, Show Your Soft Side was incorporated as a 501c3 in 2013.

Show Your Soft Side is a totally volunteer effort and the team includes a number of talented photographers.  We are indebted to the following for their generous donation of talent, passion and time.

Leo Howard Lubow: http://lubowphotography.com/

Myriam Santos:  http://www.myriamsantos.com/

Brian Batista: http://www.brianbatistaphotography.com

Dean Karr: http://www.deankarr.com/

Jonesy McElroy: http://jonesymcelroy.com/

Virgil Ocampo: http://www.virgilocampophotography.com/