From Russia With Love

If there is such thing as a universal language, we’re fairly certain it contains the words “bark” and “meow.” How else do you explain someone in Moscow reaching out to an anti-animal abuse campaign based in Baltimore on behalf of a 10-year old mixed-breed pup looking for love?

While there are hundreds, more like thousands, of dogs in similar situations right here in the U.S., this message touched a nerve. Perhaps it was because it brought back memories of our own visit to Moscow many years ago where we saw the hardships both people and animals endured. Or maybe it was the photographs that accompanied the message and the soulful eyes of a dog named Rock.

The dog had suddenly appeared in a village outside of Moscow. When the Good Sam went to help, she found a dog emaciated, covered in ticks with a face so swollen, she thought, at first, it had been stung by bees. A trip to the vet revealed a worn collar with the name “Rayk” scratched into it along with a diagnosis of malnutrition, rotted teeth and pus-filled gums.

The Good Sam nursed the dog back to health and set out to find his original owners. Over the ensuing weeks, she learned that Rayk had been given to a woman ten years earlier. When the woman became unable to care for him, her relatives “gave him away.” Translation? Took him as far away from his home as possible and dumped him to fend on his own. It quickly became clear that no one was going to claim this dog and certainly no one was going to offer him a home in his golden years. The Good Sam and her husband renamed him Rock-n-Roll, shortened to Rock.   Now their mission is to find him a home where he can be valued, appreciated and loved.


Why the U.S. or Canada? The Good Sam explained that in Russia, Rock has a double whammy going against him – he’s mixed-breed and he’s old. She also told us that Softies in both countries have taken in Moscow’s shelter pups in the past and given them the kind of lives they deserved. Are we kidding ourselves thinking that someone will see Rock’s photo and fall in love online? Maybe, but we believe in miracles and do does our Russian Good Sam.


Rock is a wise old soul, yet still has the heart of a puppy. He loves people and if he had someone to call his own at his side, I believe he’ll live another 10 years.”

Come on miracle, Rock needs you right now.


If you’re interested in learning more about Rock, email us at gro.edistfosruoywohsnull@ofni.