It’s Time To Name Names

We’re pleased to announce the finalists for SYSS’ 1st Annual BowWowZa Awards.  Winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at a hooting and howling good awards ceremony at Cafe Hon in Hampden.

Most likely to cough up a hairball:

Cindy Wright – AARF

Michelle Green

Michelle Ingrodi – Charm City Animal Rescue

Peg Nemoff  – Community Cats Maryland

Lizzie Ellis – The Feline Rescue Association

Person you’d never want to piss off:

Caroline Griffin

Jen Carle

Melissa Trotman – Bella’s Bully Buddies

Most deserving of their own reality show:


Dave Cochran – Show Me YOUR Dog Training and Bella’s Bully Buddies

Baltimore Bully Crew

Dani Englander

Most likely to start trapping, neutering and releasing stink bugs:

Animal Rescue, Inc.

Peg Nemoff – Community Cats Maryland

Julianne Stammer – Relove Animals

Becky Sass-Crews – BARCS and Best Friends Animal Society

Most deserving of having their picture on Pet Finder:


Terry Pozniak

Mary Swift

Meredith Brown

Julie Butler – Bella’s Bully Buddies

With the most “wish I’d said that” postings:

Michelle Ingrodi – Charm City Animal Rescue

Recycled Love Rescue

Einstein Smyth – the guy who made “poophead” a household word

With the biggest balls:

Dogs XL Rescue

Pauline Houliaras – Bmore Dog

Christine Sandberg – Rescue Well

Eric Vocke – Baltimore Bully Crew

Most likely to teach a barn cat to square dance:

Dani Englander

Becky Sass-Crews

Erin Harty

Cindy Wright – AARF

Unsung hero:

Grace Froelich  – Animal Rescue, Inc.

Juliette Crosson – BARCS

Dani Englander

Matt Fazzino – Keep It Simple Dog Training and Bella’s Bully Buddies

Most likely to appear on Ellen:

Bella’s Bully Buddies

Jen Carle

Mittens – AARF Spokescat/ASPCA Cat of the Year

Recycled Love Rescue

Darlene Sanders

Biggest bleeding heart:

Diana Mitchell – Bella’s Bully Buddies

Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies

Mary Sullivan – Pitties & Purrs

Karen Reese – Recycled Love Rescue

Jaime Senesi – Recycled Love Rescue

Best at getting silent auction loot:

Michelle Green

Jen Carle

Lori Roeder – Bella’s Bully Buddies

Annmarie Knight

Do-gooder of the year award:

Christine Sandberg – Rescue Well

Marie Hallock-Sweet – Storyteller’s Express

Cindy Chikar-Hagan – Black Dogs & Company Rescue

Melissa Trotman-Pfeifer – Bella’s Bully Buddies

Juliette Crosson – BARCS

Most glamorous:


Amy Weidefeld – Baltimore Bully Crew

Aileen Gabbey – MD SPCA

Best Home Selfies:

Lisa Morabito – BARCS and MABB

Sean Stinchcomb – Baltimore Bully Crew

Amy Wiedefeld – Baltimore Bully Crew

Melanie Snyder – Bella’s Bully Buddies


The police officer most deserving of a Superman cape:

Officer Waz

Officer Boyer

Officer Syreeta Teel

And in case you were wondering, yes – we have some good surprises in store for that night (including the two-legged kind).