You may be surprised to learn how many programs have grown out of a simple ad campaign.

In addition to providing teachers with materials to encourage compassion among kids, we’ve also developed partnerships to support law enforcement’s efforts to fight animal cruelty and provide a helping hand to homeless animals in Baltimore and beyond. Together, with our Softies and partners, we are determined to use our platform and reach to improve the lives of animals everywhere.

Softie Cops

From the beginning, we have partnered with law enforcement officials who protect animals, and our early images of Softie cops Dan Waskiewicz and Jon Boyer went viral and travelled around the globe. In the aftermath of the Freddie Gray riots, we worked with Softie cop Hillary Davis to distribute pet food to residents, after stores were looted and burned. We are proud that John Thompson, COO and Deputy Executive Director of the National Sheriffs’ Association, serves on our Advisory Board, as he is the nation’s top cop in combating animal cruelty. Together, we have launched our Softie Cops 2019 calendar, which honors officers who go above and beyond to alleviate animal suffering and hold abusers accountable. We salute these Softie cops and hope our calendar inspires others to follow their lead.

Note: The 17-month calendar will be available in mid-September for a $20 donation or 6 for $100.

Bringing Soft Side To Every Classroom

Picture of young girl holding a Softies poster

If you’re a teacher or work with kids in any capacity, we will gladly send you Soft Side materials free-of-charge. Our Softies are the kind of role models that are desperately needed these days and we believe that by sharing their stories, we not only create a better world for animals, but also build better adults. To request a package, email: ro.edistfosruoywohsnull@ofnig.

Over the course of the last six months, we’ve been working with the University of Denver’s Institute for Human-Animal Connection to create lesson plans for primary, middle and high school students.  Those plans are currently being piloted in schools around Denver, but once complete, will be made available for download on our site.

Little Man Fund

Twelve years ago an emaciated, banged up kitty showed up at our door and changed our lives forever. His big personality led us to name him Little Man and the relationship he formed with my husband was the inspiration for Show Your Soft Side. On June 15, 2017 Little Man’s heart could no longer keep up with his larger-than-life persona and we had to say a tearful good-bye to our baby. Many friends donated in his memory and we’ve decided to use those funds to help a local rescue or individual who feeds colonies and/or helps place street cats in loving homes. It’s a way for us to keep Little Man’s memory alive and make a difference in the lives of other Baltimore street cats.

If you’d like to honor a lost pet by donating to the Little Man Fund, please indicate that on your gift.

This year’s proceeds were split equally between the caretakers for the Peninsula Colony and the Feral Cats of Bethlehem Steel. Our 2019 winners will be announced at next year’s Pawject Runway.

Donate via Network for Good

The Love Leads Project

The Love Leads Project logo

We’re proud to partner with the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office, Pet+ER and Earthtreks on providing first responders with the tools necessary for humanely dealing with situations involving animals. Each of The Love Leads slip leashes are made by hand and given to local police departments and other first responders in conjunction with training on how to recognize and successfully charge animal abuse and neglect. This collaboration of like-minded individuals and organizations is dedicated to bringing awareness to the thousands of unreported animal abuse and neglect cases in the Baltimore area and bringing justice to suffering animals.  To date, more than 2,000 Love Leads have been distributed in 11 states from Maryland to Missouri.