12 Dec
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Jimmy’s Famous TailGOAT

  • 333 W. Ostend Street, Baltimore, MD 21230
  •  December 12, 2019   — December 12, 2019
  • 04:45 pm — 07:45 pm

The Ravens are only scheduled to host two prime-time games this season, so we made sure to put extra emphasis on both! On December 12th, “Mr. 108” Jacoby Jones will be hosting the festivities! We’ll also be serving the undisputed champion of The 2019 Chicken Sandwich Wars – The Crabby Chicken! Most importantly, this will be Jimmy’s annual Show Your Soft Side fundraiser! (Which for those of you who have never attended a Jimmy’s/Soft Side TailGOAT – it means there will also be PUPPIES there.)

For tickets, head over to Jimmy’s now.