Little Man Fund

Twelve years ago an emaciated, banged-up kitty showed up at our door and changed our lives forever. His big personality led us to name him Little Man and the relationship he formed with my husband was the inspiration for Show Your Soft Side. On June 15, 2017, Little Man’s heart could no longer keep up with his larger-than-life persona and we had to say a tearful good-bye to our baby. Many friends donated in his memory and we’ve decided to use those funds to help a local rescue or individual who feeds colonies and/or helps place street cats in loving homes. It’s a way for us to keep Little Man’s memory alive and make a difference in the lives of other Baltimore street cats.

If you’d like to honor a lost pet by donating to the Little Man Fund, please indicate that on your gift.

This year’s proceeds were split equally between the caretakers for the Peninsula Colony and the Feral Cats of Bethlehem Steel. Our 2020 winners will be announced at next year’s Pawject Runway.

Donate via Network for Good