Maryland Animal Cruelty and Animal Fighting Task Force

The Maryland Animal Cruelty and Animal Fighting Task Force (MACAFTF) was created to provide resources, education, and guidance to law enforcement officials, animal control, veterinarians, and prosecutors to advance investigations and prosecutions of animal cruelty and animal fighting. MACAFTF’s founder has been investigating animal cruelty cases for nearly two decades. SYSS and MACAFTF have been working together informally to administer the SYSS Anti-Cruelty Reward Fund and have officially joined forces so that MACAFTF is now an independent program of SYSS. 

All agencies involved must communicate, collaborate, and cooperate to effectively investigate and prosecute animal cruelty.

Contact MACAFTF if you need help with the following:

  1. If you witness a crime:  If you have information relating to any animal cruelty case or information relating to a crime for which a reward has been offered, send a confidential email via the form below.
  • Law Enforcement and Animal Shelters:  If you work in law enforcement, animal control, or at an animal shelter, our team can provide resources and training so that crimes of omission and commission can be recognized and properly investigated.
  • Veterinarians and Vet Techs:  With mandatory vet reporting, we can assist those who have questions on how and where to report suspected animal abuse.
  • Prosecutors: If you are a Maryland assistant state’s attorney, we can provide guidance and resources to assist in prosecuting an animal cruelty case.

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