Street Kitty Medical Fund

Any kitty caretaker will tell you, it’s tough enough to raise money to help feed Baltimore’s street colonies, let alone find funding to address their medical and dental care. Currently, that job falls on a handful of angels who are already stretched to the max donating their time and money to provide basic care for kitties that have been dumped by their families or born into a life on the streets. To address this need, Show Your Soft Side is setting aside $50,000 annually to provide medical assistance for feral, stray, and community cats in the Baltimore area. Please review the guidelines below and submit the application.


In 2019, Show Your Soft Side (SYSS) created a Medical Assistance Fund to assist community cat caretakers living in Baltimore with extraordinary medical expenses for feral, stray, and community cats. Please read these guidelines before submitting an application for funding.

  1. The SYSS Medical Assistance Fund (Fund) is limited to feral, stray, and community cats who will be returned to their colonies and have a caretaker. The Fund will not be used to treat cats that either have homes, live indoors/outdoors, or have been accepted into a shelter or rescue program and are awaiting adoption.
  2. The Fund will pay for emergency and/or urgent care necessary to alleviate suffering and/or improve the quality of life for community cats. Funding requests for routine care, such as spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, deworming, flea treatments, etc. will not be considered.
  3. Funding decisions will be made only after consultation with a treating veterinarian/hospital to determine a differential diagnosis and recommended treatment. Disbursements will be limited by the amount of funding available and the necessity for treatment.
  4. The maximum disbursement for any individual cat is $1,000. Disbursements will be made directly to veterinary hospitals after funding has been approved and treatment is scheduled. Disbursements are never paid directly to individuals.
  5. SYSS will use its best efforts to allocate funds responsibly each year. SYSS reserves the right to deny funding for any reason, but will not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, or religion of applicants.

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