When COVID hit, we grew increasingly concerned about our local colony caretakers who struggle to feed anywhere from 10 to 70+ homeless kitties each day.  Stimulus checks might help some pet parents, but there were no lifelines for the volunteers who are already stretched thin trying to eke out funds to feed an army of throw-away street cats. That was when Softie Chris Hughes and Weruva stepped in to help.  Since May, Weruva has donated over 19,000 pounds of cat food that we’ve been able to distribute to families and caretakers across the Baltimore area.  In addition to Weruva’s generosity, Softie Ronnie Stanley also donated over 1,000 pounds of premium dog food that we were able to distribute to dog parents who needed a helping hand.  We are so grateful to them and to Giant Foods and Teamsters Local 730 for transport, and to our partners at Regency Relief who have now made this an ongoing effort.

If you’d like to help by donating food or funds, you can do so by visiting our donate page.  And if you know of someone who needs help feeding their four-legged family members, please visit Regency Relief for locations, days, and times of distribution.